Non Color Time

 Hello dear readers. Today, I present a simple and elegant outfit.  The whole look is in black color (with the exception of the blouse). Here I want to put an accent on the variety of this color. For example, the pants is not just black denim, but coated with velvet pattern in Rococo style. Even…„Non Color Time“ weiterlesen

Fresh Check

Soft blue and pink colors on the white background with playful ruffles and dividing seams make this look very romantic and nostalgic. Small discreet accessories round off the loving outfit.Slightly unusual for my style outfit I wear very happy on the days when the weather is constantly alternately. I wish you much fun and look…„Fresh Check“ weiterlesen

Green Summer

Hello,  after a very-very long break I am there. In this time I had a great removal and unfortunately no time for my blog.  Today I present to you a new look. This make me feel that it’s summer even if there outside are not +30° and often raining. Therefore I like these juicy green tones in…„Green Summer“ weiterlesen