Looking Back on the Past Year

I can not believe it that I run this blog for already a year. The time goes soooo fast and I can not all of my outfits here in my blog to demonstrate. Today I would like to commemorated to all of my looks, which I have published hier.

Also, my blog site has got more personality and reflects my inner world full of magic, sorcery and romance. This topic can you seen also on my dresses, clothing and jewelry, that I have creating and how I combine them. Generally, I would say I have a playful fashion style, sometimes in a combination with elegant or vintage elements, sometimes colorful, sometimes harmonious. I love the outfits to spice with handmade accessories which I myself making, so get my looks very personal and special appearance.

With love,

My first outfit at the blog: here I mixed wonderful fall colors: taupe, bordeaux and black. I wore my selfmade dress and favorite hat.
My second outfit was in color of my eyes – blue and classical black. This look combined light silk with robust leather.
 The next outfit we photographed with the first snow and the mix in classical and trendy black and white was particularly nice with this background.

Here I combined cozy knit with chic and elegant blouse, pants and accessories: perfect outfit for fall.

 With the comming of spring I mixed smooth colors with business parts of clothing.
 At the next I presented my look for the business trip to Munich: very soft, colourful and comfortable.
And this cotton dress I mixed with cool colors of accessories, this look was perfectly for last cool german summer.
 Classical black with different fabrics and a bit white was perfect combination for a raining day.
 Nature and I: sommerly colors outdoors and in my outfit: the earth colors and materials of my accessories suited specially to this dress, which I even created and sewed.

 Little Red Riding Hood in new color and new look. Here I wore my favorite look for the freetime of this summer in trendy red-orange and classical white.

 Elegance and leightness combined this summerly look. Beautiful accessories completed this outfit.

Comfortable dress, practical accessories and bicycle: just I needed for nature trip.
 My look for the jubilee celebration of Roeckl company, of course with my favorite Roeckl foulard.

 Sporty and noble mix of materials with refined cuts maked this outfit specially elegant.

 Outdoor was fall and my look was in fall colors and nature fabrics. This outfit was perfectly for every day in warm October.
 With powerful colors and selfmade jewerly I met the November month.
 And with the last blogpost with my selfcreated and selfsewed dress I celebrated the first year of my blog.

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