Happy Birthday!!!

Exactly a year ago I started to write this fashion blog!!! 🙂
For this event we have made this photo shooting, with my dress, that I created and sewed by myself.
For this dress I made about 300 small roses out satin ribbons. The production of these roses has lasted about 2.5 years, everytime I had time: was traveling from one city to the other, at a watching movies I have made this. When I made roses, my idea of furure dress has changed again and again, and after so long time this dress was developed at the end. 

I would like to know how you dress yourselves for special occasions such as birthdays or celebrations, I look forward to your comments.

Happy birthday to you all!!!

With love,
yours Lina


I’m wearing
dress, hair accessory and earrings – self-made
tights – Kunert
high heels – C&A
scarf – H&M

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